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You know... you really are a rather mean person for putting me and Severus through this, you know? Hasn't he been through enough over the years? Do you really think you should be allowed to play with people's lives like this? The City itself is bad enough, but do you really need to cause this amount of emotional repercussion for your own amusement? It's shameful.

And do you think you even have a handle on my character? You've never written me before. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're just doing this because you can't do the "dead wife" set up with your other poor "puppet". And just so you are perfectly clear, Severus and I never had a romantic relationship, so you'd better throw that out of your mind right here and now. I refuse to have my emotions played with.
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*Standing next to the fountain holding a ruck sack and glancing around totally befuddled*

What the... where the heck am I?

Did I... Was there a portkey on the table...?

Sev? Sev, are you here?

*turns and sees the laptop recording this*


*picks it up*

What the devil is this?  It's like... a cross between a type writer and a telie...

*scowls slightly thinking of her most recent dealings with James Potter and glares around half expecting to see him*

*yelling* James Potter, if you have anything to do with this I'm going to make your regret the day you ever heard the word "jinx," do you here me?

*scooting around in a circle* You're eyebrows won't grow back for a year. A YEAR, do you hear me!?!

[ooc; this is me. being bad and still not going to bed... *sigh* but this is it, I swear!]


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