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It wasn't the first time, nor the last time that Tomoe was going to be furious with Tony Stark. It wasn't the first time that she was going to be aware of just how pointless said fury was going to be. But god help her, she was furious anyway.

She was a prideful thing and she knew it. And there was no faster way to set her into a rage than to step on it in some way, shape or form. And here and now? Insinuating that she was stupid was one sure-fire way to do it. Just because she was from a time in which the vast majority of the technology of this world hadn't even been dreamed of did not make her stupid. It absolutely did not--and it infuriated her that she could not grasp things quickly enough to function on a more regular basis. And now, of course, she had picked up English well enough to know exactly whens he was being spoken about. And exactly when she was being insulted.

And perhaps if she was less prideful she would have let such comments slide--especially coming from men like Tony Stark--but she wasn't.

And was currently in the kitchen taking her frustrations out on the meal she was preparing, chopping her ingredients in such a way that she was running the risk of adding her fingertips to the main course.
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