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It wasn't the first time, nor the last time that Tomoe was going to be furious with Tony Stark. It wasn't the first time that she was going to be aware of just how pointless said fury was going to be. But god help her, she was furious anyway.

She was a prideful thing and she knew it. And there was no faster way to set her into a rage than to step on it in some way, shape or form. And here and now? Insinuating that she was stupid was one sure-fire way to do it. Just because she was from a time in which the vast majority of the technology of this world hadn't even been dreamed of did not make her stupid. It absolutely did not--and it infuriated her that she could not grasp things quickly enough to function on a more regular basis. And now, of course, she had picked up English well enough to know exactly whens he was being spoken about. And exactly when she was being insulted.

And perhaps if she was less prideful she would have let such comments slide--especially coming from men like Tony Stark--but she wasn't.

And was currently in the kitchen taking her frustrations out on the meal she was preparing, chopping her ingredients in such a way that she was running the risk of adding her fingertips to the main course.

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Well that could have went better. It wasn't the time he'd gotten into an argument with Stark over his penchant to just say whatever the hell he wanted with no regard for anyone else. Steve wasn't surprised when he heard the violent noise of a knife on the cutting board. Tomoe usually did her seething without many words. Though by the sounds of things, it was his cue to talk to her in hopes of calming her down. Last thing he wanted was for her to injury herself.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside the kitchen and cleared his throat loudly. "You're gonna lose a finger if you keep that up." He said softly. Not really a reprimand, but merely a friendly warning. Truly it pained him to see her this angry. She hadn't planned on waking up in the future anymore than he had. Though he had a bit of an advantage in being a faster learner and the fact there was more technology during his time than hers.

I know you're not stupid. He told her in Japanese, though his accent still needed lots of work. "Don't listen to Stark. He's too use to being a jerk."

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Inwardly Steve sighed, partly relieved she slowed down on the chopping but he knew her well enough to know something was still bothering her. There was still tension in shoulders and stance, slowly he closed the short distance between them.

"Tomoe," he said gently, placing his hands on her shoulders. "If something else is bothering you, you can tell me." He added, moving his hand down the length of arm to her hand in an effort to stop her from cutting vegetables altogether.

Dinner could wait, he was far more concerned with getting her to talk. They both had their tendencies to brood silently over things, but this was one occasion, he really didn't want to leave her to brood. Especially for something that was out of her control. Time differences aside they were both fish out of water, if she couldn't confide in him than who?
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He understood what she meant and instinctively bowed his head, placing a soft kiss to her temple in the process. It was extremely frustrating to be constantly reminded that no matter what, this wasn't your time and that it never really would be. There was no going back to the past, all either of them could do was try to move forward.

However he still had being 'Captain America' as something to fall back on. Well at least until he finally connected with someone dealing with a similar situation. Tomoe didn't really have anything that tethered her to her old life; which was one of the reasons he took the initiative to learn her language.

Slowly he wrapped his arms her, lightly resting his chin on her shoulder. "I know it's been really overwhelming, especially as of late. But I'll do anything to help you get through it." He replied, his sincerity shining through despite his shaky accent.

"I won't let you drown." He added, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

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He couldn't help but feel a wave of relief as he noted the tension in her posture begin to melt away. Instinctively he held her closer, she honestly didn't have to say a word for him to understand the meaning in her eyes. She was worth the effort it had taken to learn her native tongue. He always wanted her to know the value of her worth, she was the woman he had chosen to spend the rest of his life in the future with after all.

He returned her light kiss with a soft kiss of his own. Slowly he brought a hand up to rest on her cheek, letting his thumb gently trace over her cheekbone. "I love you, very much." He told her, as he had no trouble expressing his love and affection to her.

Urging her to turn around to fully face him, he slipped his hand behind her neck to tilt her head upward for another kiss, though a more firm and passionate one.


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