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Mar. 26th, 2009 04:17 am
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If you're here that means you are looking to plot, interact and/or smut with Shion. Or maybe you just have problems and/or questions about the characterization of Shion. This post is screened for privacy. Anon commenting is enabled, IP logging is off. Flamers and trolls will be ignored and deleted. I have better things to do then to pander to wankers and asshats.

If you have problems, concerns and/or issues with the way I play Shion. I am more than willing to listen and address those issues, problems and/or concerns. If I feel that you have a valid complaint, I will absolutely work toward fixing the matter. However if I disagree, I am more than willing to explain myself and my reasoning.

Civil and courteous discussion is the name of the game here. If you would prefer to speak to me in a less public venue. I can be reached through email or Instant messenger.

Currently Shion is being played in [ profile] languishment from end of the final episode of the second season of the anime.

AIM: Just PM this journal
Email: haunting_aria [at] livejournal[dot]com
Time Zone: Arizona Mountain Time.


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